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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions along with some Frequently Unasked Questions. If you have any other questions, please post them in this thread.

Q: What's Eucatastrophe?
A: I don't answer easily searchable questions. Next.

Q: If we can't talk about our personal lives in chat, what will we talk about?
A: I was blown away the first time I got this question, because the answer seems fairly obvious to me: we'll talk about what we're doing in Middle-Earth, quests we're working on and maybe need help with, new recipes, helping people with crafting, etc., etc.

Q: But I'm such an interesting person! Don't you want to know more about me?
A: Maybe yes, and maybe no. I'd rather not find out if it's no, and instead concentrate on what you're doing in the game, especially with and for the Kin. After all, people who are really interesting don't need to tell people how interesting they are.

Q: So what else can you tell me about this Kin?
A: Our main goal is getting the Free Peoples ready for the War against Mordor by helping each other with crafting, questing, and raiding. It'll be fairly well organized, but no mandatory events or meetings or anything like that. You don't have to let anyone know you won't be logging in for awhile and you won't get kicked out for being gone a long time (unless we hit max capacity, of course! ha ha :o). You're just expected to help the Kin at least as much as you get help from it.

Q: This sounds like RP. Why aren't you being honest and calling it that?
A: Well, honestly,, when I say RP, this is what I mean. Unfortunately, what most people on Landroval view RP as is that faked, forced, renfair dialogue. We don't want that. And while we do like and appreciate a character having a good bio/backstory, we don't expect you to play some grandiose role. Just be you as your character in Middle-Earth.

Q: Does what happen in Middle-Earth stay in Middle-Earth?

A: I'm never going to live those screenshots down. *groan*
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